Genshin Impact: Pyro Hypostasis Locations, How to Beat Pyro Hypostasis and get Rewards

Genshin Impact: Pyro Hypostasis Locations, How to Beat Pyro Hypostasis and get Rewards

Pyro Hypostasis is the world boss enemy in Genshin Impact. Pyro Hypostasis is a new world boss where players can fight for materials, artifacts and other items. Similar to other Hypostasis, it has the same cube appearance, but with an orange-red to suit its Pyro element. This guide will also provide some tips to help you find its location to help you dispel the illusion of the Pyro, as well as the rewards it offers. If players need Genshin Impact Top Up to beat Pyro Hypostasis, welcome to to buy it.

Pyro Hypostasis Location

Pyro Hypostasis is located on the top left corner of Kujou’s camp on the island of Lightning God. Make sure to activate the twist point near it for easy access.

How to beat Pyro Hypostasis

Pyro Hypostasis has an elemental shield surrounding it in the first part of the fight. The only way to spread this shield is to apply an elemental reaction to it, so make sure to bring a hydro character to this fight as they are pretty good here.

The first stage

The first stage of Pyro Hypostasis is its most aggressive stage. If caught off guard, it literally rushes towards you, making moves that are hard to dodge. If you don’t have a shield, be sure to keep an eye on it at all times and be prepared to dodge.

The only way to remove this elemental shield is to apply an elemental reaction to it. Hydro will be the best attacking element because it will vaporize, which will scrape its elemental shield.

There are several actions to be aware of:

Molten Fist: The Molten Fist is when the Pyro Hypostasis forms a fist and slams the ground, sending a shockwave of lava outward from the center of the fist. You can dodge the shockwave during this move.

Explosion: Explosion is an action with many activations. Be sure to keep an eye out for when the Pyro Hypostasis turns into a ball and starts to glow. Here’s your tip to get out of there before it blows up. Make sure to move far enough to avoid getting hit by the explosion.

Roll Attack: Roll Attack As the name suggests, the Pyro Hypostasis will roll towards you in an attempt to hurt you. Dodge at the right time to avoid getting hit.

The second phase of Pyro Hypostasis comes into play after you take down its elemental shield.

The second stage

Here, the Pyro Hypostasis becomes more docile and very predictable. Its movements are like you’ve never seen before, just make sure to still stay alert and dodge them. During this phase, Pyro Hypostasis will do its best to restore its elemental shields so that it can perform more explosive attacks.

Make sure you’re ready to use your elemental skills on its tinder to make sure it doesn’t go back to a more aggressive state. We’ve found that Mona and Kokomi do this best because their basic attacks already have a hydraulic effect, which in turn vaporizes the fire for 1 kill.

The Pyro can be defeated at this stage, so as long as you don’t let it restore its elemental shield, you should be fine. Rinse and repeat until you beat it!

Pyro Hypostasis Rewards

Here are the potential rewards for beating Pyro Hypostasis:

Smoldering Pearl

Agnidus Agate Ascension Crystals (depending on world level can range from fragments to gemstones)

Adventurer Artifacts

Instructor Artifacts

Berserker Artifacts

Prayers for Illumination

Gladiator’s Finale Artifacts

Wanderer’s Troupe Artifacts

In Genshin Impact, Pyro Hypostasis can be a tough boss to beat, so players can buy Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals at for the best characters and gear.

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