Genshin Impact: Oceanid Locations and How to Beat Oceanid

Genshin Impact: Oceanid Locations and How to Beat Oceanid

Oceanid is a wild boss found near Qingce Village in Genshin Impact. It is the only boss that drops the Heart of Purification character boost material. So, if you have Hydro characters that need a boost, you might want to have a Heart of Purification or two for them. Players can buy enough Genshin Impact Top Up at to help defeat Oceanid.

Oceanid Location

Oceanid can be found near Stone Gate and Wu Wang Hill, where it waits to shatter players’ hopes for dreams in large arenas.

How to beat Oceanid

1. Use a cryogenic character

Cryo is the ultimate way to handle anything Oceanid throws at Genshin Impact players. Everything Oceanid summons is Hydro, so any Cryo app freezes them on the spot, preventing them from moving or attacking. Players can use this time to defeat all enemies at once, relocate or heal any seriously wounded allies. Using Freeze can turn this once tough fight into one of the easiest in Genshin Impact.

2. Use powerful electronic characters

Electro can make fighting in Oceanid easier because it reacts with Hydro’s AOE. Simply applying Electro to any minion spawned by Oceanid will cause a chain reaction of Electro-Charged to spread among many monsters and deal damage over time. This also has the added effect of slowing down many monsters, allowing players to fight Genshin Impact faster.

3. Utilize the crystallization reaction

Crystallization may have been an overlooked response, but it could make the battle for Oceanid impossible to lose. Crystallization is the reaction that occurs when a Geo element encounters another element and produces a crystal that appears on the floor. The player who picks up the crystal will be protected from any element that created it. Since Oceanid only deals Hydro damage, having a shield made of Hydro + Geo Crystallize will make all enemies unable to damage the player.

4. Jump into the water to avoid water bombs

Many players may not know the trick to defeating Oceanid. If the player is caught between the numerous water bombs summoned during combat, they can simply slam into the nearby water to dodge the attack entirely. This saves players from taking a lot of damage and will definitely make this Genshin Impact boss easier.

5. Know which minions to defeat first

Oceanid sends many Hydro minions to players to try to defeat them in this Genshin Impact boss battle. Certain minions should be high-priority targets for players, as they have the potential to deal more damage than their opponents. Players should pay particular attention to frogs because they have a lot of AOE attacks, flying raptors because of their height advantage and quick dives, and crabs because of their speed and lots of health.

Defeating Oceanid in Genshin Impact will be as easy as possible with these tricks, which utilize elemental reflexes to immobilize enemies and protect characters from damage. All of these tricks can be utilized in a team, and players can purchase Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals at for the best characters and gear.

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Zerefry Posted onam11:02 - 14/07/2022

For everyone thats strugling with an Oceanid (like I did at first) . Dont forget to use potions from the alchemy table . One of them gives you a flat 25% damage red to every attack of that boss. Thats pretty huge and they cheap to make as well. Another one gives 25 % damage to single element (so you can buff your dps skill too)

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