Destiny 2: Potential New Locations For Lightfall

Destiny 2: Potential New Locations For Lightfall

The Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion has been pushed back to 2022, which will also have a knock-on effect on the release date of Destiny 2: Lightfall. Although some story elements were added with the release of The Witch Queen, the story that begins with Beyond Light is central to the narrative focus. Story elements and locations in the Witch Queen expansion make this even more evident, bringing places like Mars back into an area that players can explore. Players can purchase D2 Silver to help in-game.


An integral part of Destiny 2’s history is the base planet, where the three hive gods Aurix, Savatun, and Xivu Arat appeared long ago, when they were still part of the krill species. After the bug gods are discovered and their larvae are taken, a hive is effectively born. The sisters emerge from the Fundament and embark on a path of galactic destruction and conquest to feed the parasitic worms and spread their faith. After defeating Aurix and Savatun in the Destiny and Destiny 2 story campaign, players will likely soon encounter Zivu Arat, the last god of the hive. The Battle of the Witch Queen opened the door to the emergence of the Witnesses—agents of darkness, and the Hive God himself was corrupted by his influence thousands of years ago through the Worm God.

The Pyramid Ships

The Witch Queen’s end campaign shows that the Witnesses are on their way to the solar system, gloves off, ready to save the people of the sun. Although little is known about the Witnesses, as Savathun provides conflicting information about the Witnesses’ relationship with darkness. Through Destiny 2, the Pyramid Ship has become an imminent threat that many are trying to study, understand, and control. There are missions that involve parts of these mysterious ships and their dark-related powers; however, their wholeness has yet to be fully explored. As Darkness and Witnesses will fully enter the Solar System, if the Lightfall expansion handles Lightfall, visiting these ships may provide a means to counter the forces of darkness or reverse the damage it can cause.

Hive War Moons

Billions of years ago, after krill corrupted the hive, they took to the stars, where the hive began violently conquering and destroying lower civilizations they deemed unworthy. During their conquest and extinction, the Hive excavated the moons and asteroids they conquered and reused them as training facilities, breeding grounds, and shipyards for the Hive fleet. These moons travel through space, discover civilizations to conquer, and link their energies with hive armies to wipe out entire worlds. After defeating Auryx and Savathun, it’s reasonable to believe that Xivuaras will be the next hive god the Guardians will have to face. If the Moon of War has anything to do with her and her troops, exploring them in the light of the sky could be crucial to stopping Xivuaras directly or learning more about how to end the Hive threat before facing the darkness.

The Distributary

The known home of the Awakened, who evolved from humans, was created by the energies of black holes in a massive battle between light and darkness. Since the diversion was created through a catastrophic battle between the forces of light and darkness, it stands to reason that the diversion could help fight the oncoming evil as darkness is about to reach the solar system. What kind of power and technology the Awakened possess can only be theorized at this point. However, if Lightfall sees the arrival of Xivuaras and the Witness, the Guardians may need help from the Awakened, which may require access to their dimensions.

Destiny 2’s Lightfall will be an explosive story expansion to continue the saga between light and dark. If you need Destiny 2 Silver to use in the game, welcome to to buy it.

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The light will trip down some stairs during LightFall.

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